Do you get misty-eyed when you think of your first car? Do you dream of owning a mobile home? Does your house mean the world to you? Do you want a yacht but can’t afford it (yet)? And do you love LEGO®, just like us?

Whatever you want – you’ll get it!

I develop and build LEGO models according to your individual requirements, regardless of whether it’s a building, a car, a plane, a train, or a boat. My wife sources the required LEGO bricks from all over the world. You enjoy assembling them.

Here’s a selection of some of the models I have created over the years – starting with cars:


Here are some vans:


You like tractors? Here you go:


Here’s what happens if you wash good old Technic models a bit too hot:


And some older LEGO models I have shrunk even more:


This led to the following fantasy creations on wheels:


The shrinking process also works for trains:


Last but not least here are some ships I created:


So, I hope this gave you an idea and some inspiration to ask me for a special custom build for you. For your  request, please use the contact form. I am not limited to vehicles, as some new creations will prove to you shortly. But more about this in the next update. Also, feel free to register for the newsletter from The Brickworms, in which we keep you informed about what we are up to.

You can get all the models shown above in kit form right here.